Private sector meets with ambassadors (designate) to Brazil, Belgium

The Private Sector Commission (PSC), last Friday, met with the ambassadors (designate) to Brazil and Brussels, Belgium, George Talbot (second from left) and David Hales (third from left) to discuss how they could use their positions to advocate the enhancement of Guyana’s trade, specifically with Brazil, and the use of Hales’ experience in Brussels.

According to a PSC press release, it was discussed that while political diplomacy is important, the ambassadorships can also be used to forward the country’s economic cause. The PSC stated that they are cognisant of the fact the Guyana is becoming economically diversified and evolving beyond traditional natural resources.

20160707talbotgeorgeAccording to the PSC, the marketing of Guyana through its Embassies and Commercial Attaches would be pivotal in ensuring that all trade agreements are properly analysed and enforced to ensure more opportunities for the private sector.

In relation to Brazil, the PSC hopes to see the realisation of the Road Traffic Agreement, the passing of the additional items in the partial scope agreement that has been pending at the federal level for quite some time.

According to the PSC, there is some amount of unfriendliness at the port of entry at Lethem for goods entering Brazil and it is hoped that the Private Sector can continue its engagements with SEBRAE, the Roraima Chamber of Commerce and other Brazilian agencies with the installation of Talbot.

According to the release, it is difficult to predict the impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union  on Guyana’s trade with Britain, but the PSC hopes to preserve political and economic ties with the EU through the appointment of Hales who had previous experience working with the European Community in Brussels.

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