Edinburgh man found hanging, neighbours suspect foul play

The body of an Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice man was found hanging from a makeshift noose at his home on Wednesday but neighbours suspect that his death was staged to look like a suicide.

Navin Ramkissoon, 24, of Second Street, Edinburgh New Scheme, was discovered at around 5,30am by a neighbour.

According to the neighbour, he called on Ramkissoon to inform him that a tap was left on. After not receiving a response, he forced his way into the yard and discovered Ramkissoon’s lifeless body hanging at the back of the house.

Navin Ramkissoon
Navin Ramkissoon

However, neighbours speculated that there was foul play since, according to them, Ramkissoon’s body was covered with mud and bore marks of violence.

One of Ramkissoon’s relatives confirmed to Stabroek News that there were marks on his arm and face. His body was also said to have been soaked.

Neighbours also pointed out that there was no sign at the scene of what Ramkissoon would have used to climb to the spot from where his body was hanging.

One neighbour, Celis Khan, suggested that the perpetrator(s) attempted to make it seem as if Ramkissoon was intoxicated. However, she said he did not drink on the previous day. “He was not drunk; somebody throw rum all around so that it could look like if he did drinking,” she said.

Another villager, called on the police to conduct a proper investigation.

Meanwhile, Commander of ‘B’ Division Ian Amsterdam said that foul play has not been ruled out, although the case is being looked at as a suicide.


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