Grove businessman on fraud charge over sale of bus

A Grove businessman is being accused of defrauding a man in the sale of a minibus, which could not be cleared through customs because it was too old.

A city court heard that William Ross, a Section ‘C’ Grove man, allegedly defrauded Elvis Allen by claiming to be able to sell him a Mitsubishi minibus when the statement was false.

At the arraignment, Ross’s attorney defended his innocence, while stating there was an agreement of sale and purchase made by the two, and that the minibus made it into the country. He further asserted that Allen saw the minibus on the wharf but problems arose when they were unable to clear it due to new regulations that prohibit importation of vehicles older than eight years old. From May 1, a new regulation was implemented to prohibit the importation of vehicles older than eight years. The new regulation had been announced during the presentation of the national budget earlier in the year.

Ross’ attorney submitted an application for reasonable bail. Magistrate Leron Daly eventually set bail at $100,000 and adjourned the matter until July 18, 2016.

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