Port Mourant student tops Region Six at NGSA

Angelina Tahal

Topping Region Six at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) this year is Omesh Dyal, of Port Mourant Primary, who aspires to be a doctor one day.

“I am very happy,” the well-spoken 11-year-old Dyal, of Port Mourant, Corentyne, told Stabroek News.

He scored 555 marks to take the top spot in the region.

“I study very hard, listen to my parents and prayed to God,” Dyal added.

His advice for students who will sit the examination in the future was to put away all games, start studying now and pay attention to teachers and parents.

Fariah Hafiz, of Rose Hall Primary School, was second in the region with 550 marks; Jonathan Raghobar, of Corriverton Primary, came in third with 546 marks; Angelina Tahal, of All Saints Primary and Farad Ali Baksh, of Skeldon Primary, tied for the fourth spot with 531 marks. The remainder of the region’s top ten students comprised Natannie Schultz, of St. Theresa Primary, who secured the sixth spot with 540 marks; Vettorie Latchman, of Massiah Primary, who scored 537 marks; Boyonce France, of All Saints Primary, who scored 534 marks; and Rachael Williams, of Port Mourant Primary and Sadiyya Chinapen, of Cropper Primary, who both scored 531 marks.

The top five students secured spots at Queen’s college, while the others gained places at the Bishops’ High School.

Hafiz, of Rose Hall Town, said it was very exciting receiving the news, that she not only topped her school, but placed second in the region. “I use to stay up late to study and go to lessons,” she said.

Hafiz dreams to become a teacher, with her inspiration coming from her own teachers, who have guided her and worked with her through her primary school years. She also stated that she will celebrate her success by going on a vacation to Suriname.

Raghobar, of Corriverton Primary School, said that he had to give up his gadgets and watching television before the exams. He advised students to do the same, as he stated, that it was very helpful for him. “I study every day for two hours,” he said.

Raghobar, who enjoys playing cricket and football, is working towards becoming a doctor. “I want to become a doctor to help save people’s lives,” he said.

Tahal said would study in the nights and mornings, but she noted that she always made sure to have a full night’s rest. She added, “I didn’t completely give up television because if you completely give it up, you sorta can’t function properly.” “Everybody needs a little break sometimes,” she added.

She too aspires to become a doctor. Her reason? “Because I like to help people and I want to find the cure for some diseases,” she said.

Schultz, meanwhile, said she expected to have been in the top ten for the country and she was disappointed that she missed out being placed at Queen’s College by one spot. However, Schultz, who wishes to become a nurse in the future, stated, that she will continue to do her best.

France stated that she studied but also made time for herself. She did not expect to place in the region’s top ten and joked that the examinations were tricky.

Williams, who was all smiles, credited studying and paying attention in class for her success. “I listen to my parents and my teachers,” she said, before adding, “I hoped for the best.”

She also has aspirations to become a doctor and advised other students to study hard but never to overwork themselves.

The teachers of the top ten students placed emphasis on the role that the parents played in their children’s lives, while most parents thanked the teachers for pushing their children to doing their best.

Head Teacher of Rose Hall Primary School Paula Pereira said this is the third year the school has placed in the region’s top three and the teachers are very proud. When ask what their secret was, she said, “We don’t have a secret. We do what we have to do.” Port Mourant Primary’s Head Teacher said she always knew Dyal and Williams had it in them. She further said that she can’t wait for them to become doctors, so she can visit them at their clinics. Both students from Port Mourant Primary who are in the Region’s top ten came from Aneta Peters’ class.

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