$21.5M in contracts inked to improve Walton Hall, Lusignan defences

The National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) and with S&K Construction Services on Wednesday inked two contracts, valued in total at $21.5M, to improve river defences at Walton Hall and Lusignan.

According to a NAREI statement that was released on Thursday, a total of 365 metres of brushwood dam would be constructed along the foreshore of Walton Hall, Essequibo Coast, in Region Two. The project, costing $11,529,100, involves the construction of two dams, measuring 140m and 225m, for the southern reach exposed to wave energy.

Construction is expected to begin in August and is estimated to last two months. The defects liability period is also two months.

Meanwhile, the NAREI statement said the contractor would commence construction of 240 metres of brushwood dam at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, in Region Four in September.

This project involves the construction of a dam, measuring 60 metres perpendicular to and 180 metres parallel to the foreshore for the eastern reach exposed to wave energy. The brushwood dams would be placed one metre from the sea defences and 240 metres away from the sluice outlet, the statement said.

This project is also expected to last two months, with the defects liability period also being two months.




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