Top Cop exhorts new officers to resist temptation

– plugs team policing

Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud yesterday urged 230 new police officers to ensure they resist the various temptations that will come their way throughout their careers.

He was speaking at a passing out parade, which was held under the theme ‘Training to build and strengthen the competencies of ranks, through partnerships and monitoring of performances.’ The parade was held at the Tactical Services Unit Square, Eve Leary, for ranks who have successfully completed seven recruit courses, including five out of the Felix Austin Police College, Georgetown.

Persaud told the police officers that they have joined the Guyana Police Force at a very important time, where society is friendlier to the police. “This,” he said, “is not something that came by chance and we have to work to develop and maintain it.”

Delivering the feature address, the Commissioner of Police explained to the ranks that they are also embarking on their careers at a period where preparations are being made to have increased numbers of ranks at each police station. “We have a new strategy which is referred to as a team policing. This is a case where ranks will be divided into teams and in each team you are given responsibility for a geographic space in the station district,” Persaud explained.

The responsibilities of the teams, he said, will be to conduct analyses, identify vulnerabilities, develop action plans and mitigate against threats arising. With this new strategy, he said, it is expected that the level of service provided will improve significantly.

He also told the officers that one of the greatest skills they will have to acquire is interpersonal skills. “You are deployed to stand between the evil we have in society and the vulnerable, so that the evil will not take advantage over the vulnerable and this will be determined by your motivation, determination and the decisions you will take,” Persaud explained.

Prizes were awarded to the outstanding graduates for each course. For recruit course 340, Constable 23595 Babulal received the award for Best Student, while the runner-up was Constable 23523 McDonald. The prize for the Most Improved Student was awarded to Constable 23563 Rutherford.

For recruit course 341, Constable 23508 King received the award for Best Student, runner-up was Constable 23733 McLean and Constable 23591 was most improved student.

For recruit course 342 Constable 23484 Hercules was best student. For Course 343, Constable 23486 Ramdeholl was best student. For recruit course 344, Constable 23690 Langhorne was best student.

For the remaining three courses: 10G, 32’B’ and 32’B’ (2), Constables 23521 Major, 23513 Liverpool and 23525 McIntosh, respectively, were the best students.


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