Residents relieved Hadfield St canal being cleaned

Residents of Hadfield Street are now breathing a sigh of relief as desilting of the main secondary canal is currently underway in an effort to mitigate flooding in the area.

According to Community Coordinator Neilson McKenzie the intervention was being done since that particular area is prone to flooding.

An excavator desilting the Hadfield Street canal
An excavator desilting the Hadfield Street canal

“We are primarily making intervention from the St. Sidwell’s area, Vlissengen (Road) onto Louisa Row because this area is one we have identified or targeted as one primary area for urgent intervention, because this is the main secondary canal that leads in and feeds in on the Princes St canal which ultimately leads into the Demerara River,” the coordinator said.

McKenzie said that almost every resident in this area has been suffering in one way or the other from flooding every time there is even a threat of rain. “According to the residents the area has not been desilted in over twenty years,” the Community Coordinator said.

He added that “the water from D’Urban, Bent and Hadfield streets circulates back into this Hadfield Street canal and ultimately through Louisa Row into Princes Street so that any flooding here will affect Bent Street and D’Urban Street.”

The residents in the area say they are grateful for the works being done since they say that it will alleviate the problem they have been plagued with for years.


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