Man dies after ‘racing’ crash on Regent St

Another view of the bus

A man is now dead and several were injured after the driver of a bus lost control and slammed into a utility pole on Saturday night on Regent Street.

Dillon Linton, 21, died yesterday afternoon after sustaining major injuries.

Dillon Linton
Dillon Linton

It was reported to Stabroek News that the driver of the bus was challenged by another driver to a race. The bus driver subsequently raced west along Regent Street when he lost control and flipped several times before crashing into a utility pole around Regent and Albert streets.

Several persons including the driver of the vehicle, who has been identified as Timothy Horatio, were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where two of them had to undergo emergency surgery. Of the two persons who were slated for surgery, Linton of Campbellville had been listed as critical.

Linton’s relatives related that his two feet were broken and his back was fractured, compounded by a punctured lung and damaged kidney. “His face was badly slashed too,” one of his relatives said, confirming that the man died yesterday afternoon.

The relatives related that from the information they had received, Linton was in the backseat of a car when the accident occurred and was subsequently pinned down. “I heard they had to cut through to get to him…”, the relative said.

The relative related that Linton is acquainted with the bus driver as they grew up together and the last time that they spoke with Linton he had told them that he was going to Stabroek Square to hang with his friends.

“He knew a lot of people on the park and he would be there a lot,” the relative said.

The bus was damaged beyond repair and parts of the engine were torn from it and the seats were dislodged. A Guinness bottle was also seen inside the wrecked bus.

Horatio did not sustain any serious injuries and was subsequently released from the hospital. According to Linton’s relatives, he was the only one that sustained major injuries and the other persons were treated and sent away from the hospital.


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