Black Bush Polder farmer upset over ‘stop off’

A farmer at Black Bush Polder, Corentyne was recently on a local television programme where he expressed his disapproval of a `stop off’ near an inactive koker at the trench located at the entrance to Black Bush Polder.

The stop off
The stop off

The `stop off’ was placed by Fazil Yunas, of Yunas Civil and Building Construction Services. According to that farmer, the `stop off’ blocks him from draining his rice fields, which according to him have been under water for some time now. However, Yunas told Stabroek News he was given permission by the Vice Chairman of Region Six, Denis Deroop to put the `stop off’ in place. It is intended to keep salt water out of the trench.

Yunas stated that everyone is aware of what salt water can do to crops and to animals. He emphasised that he has a machine to remove the `stop off’ once the saltwater threat clears up. Another farmer, Michael Hazel said, “What Yunas did in front there it tends to help a lot of farmers,  it is a case that every year during this time you have salt water here”.


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