Port Kaituma waterfront congestion to be tackled –Region One Chairman

The Region One Administration is seeking to convert an abandoned bond in Central Port Kaituma into a market to relocate some of the vendors from the congested waterfront.

Region One Chairman, Brentnol Ashley told GINA that the regional administration is working to bring order to the overcrowding at the Port Kaituma waterfront.

“We are hoping to between 2016 and early 2017, we can have the organising of the Port Kaituma waterfront, because, it is congested, and most of the structures that are there are illegal,” Ashley said.

Region One Chairman, Brenthnol Ashley
Region One Chairman, Brenthnol Ashley

He added that many of the vendors in the area are those that did not “have the permission to construct, nor do they have the lease for the lands that they want to construct on.”

Ashley told GINA that the administration will work with the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) to relocate the vendors and serious consideration will be given to the use of the old abandoned Barama Company Limited bond and the unused large cassava mills for the placement of the relocated vendors.

 “…we cannot displace people, and we have nowhere to put them, and so in central Port Kaituma, there is a clear brick bond that the Barama company would have built some time ago, that was abandoned. The RDC (Regional Democratic Council) is going to work with the NDC and also the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to see how best we could resuscitate that bond and make it into a market for the people so they can move  from that area and hence give us the space to make a better plan for the community,” Ashley said.

The NDC has already told the vendors of the move to bring order to the waterfront.

“I know for a fact that the NDC would have met with the people at the greens market, the stallholders at the bus stop, and they would have started writing letters to various persons informing them (of the relocation). This most likely will be the way forward and to advise them that they would have the time to ensure that they dismantle, and at the same time looking at ways and places that we could correct the situation,” Ashley told GINA.

Due to the congestion of vendors at the waterfront, the flow of traffic in the area is greatly affected. The area also suffers from flooding, due to clogged drains from the careless disposal of waste from the market and vendors constructing structures over the drains.

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