Four held for questioning over killing of taxi driver

The police on Tuesday arrested four persons for questioning over the execution-style killing of taxi driver Oswald Rambarran, who was gunned down on Sunday, while delivering food in Albouystown.

This is according to acting Crime Chief Hugh Jessemy, who told Stabroek News on Tuesday that the men were up to that evening being questioned by investigators. They remained in custody up to yesterday.

The police returned to the crime scene on Monday morning but were unable to obtain any CCTV footage as had been hoped.

Rambarran, called “Junior,” 42, of West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Georgetown, was gunned down around 8.30pm on Sunday along King Edward Street, Albouystown.

Oswald Rambarran
Oswald Rambarran

He was shot several times about his body, including to his head, and died while receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).

“We de just come back  from buying food and he was coming out of his side of the car when  I look up and see a motorbike with two man pon it pull up at de corner deh (Sussex and King Edward streets). De man at the back jump off and come running and start firing shots …he fire like five shots and then run back in de bike direction,” an eyewitness, who was with Rambarran at the time he was shot, related.

“Me aint see when Junior drop or wait fuh see wuh direction they ride off in. I run in de yard under de house. Is when I come out back, he deh pon de ground deh bleeding from this side of he face,” he added, while pointing to his left temple.

The taxi driver’s friends assisted in getting him back into his car and they drove to the GPH.

The friends believe that the gunman knew Rambarran’s movements and planned the attack. “He coulda shoot we. He had a proper view to kill anyone a we but like he was setting fuh he,” the friend said.

In June 2008, Rambarran was shot by the police following a chase after ranks of a police mobile patrol observed him and a male accomplice trying to force a man into the trunk of a motorcar.

As the police approach-ed, the accomplice fled and Rambarran sped away in his car.

A chase ensued and Rambarran was shot as a result.

He was taken to the GPH but escaped custody while awaiting medical attention. This saw him being remanded on charges of escaping while in police custody and assault.


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