Rose Hall will lead East Berbice’s commercial revolution – Granger

While pledging his commitment to the development of the East Berbice region, President David Granger on Wednesday voiced his confidence that Rose Hall will lead the commercial revolution in the area.

“We want to see Rose Hall Town replicated all over this country because Rose Hall is a small town with a big heart,” Granger said at the launch of the town’s 46th anniversary celebrations at the town’s arch.

Following an enormous parade and march pass, Granger told those in attendance at the launch that he was there to share the moment of pride with the people. “Rose Hall is a powerful commercial dynamo in what is the third largest region in this country,” he said. “I want to work with the Mayor of Rose Hall to unlock that potential and with the chairman of the region, Mr. David Armogan, to develop this great region… I commit myself to this town and this region,” he added.

The anniversary celebrations are being held under the theme, “Proud of our past, optimistic about our future.”

One of the energetic dances during the cultural programme
One of the energetic dances during the cultural programme

During his speech, the president touched on the importance of education. “Rose Hall in itself is a symbol of what ordinary literate people can do,” he said, while asserting that education is going to be the springboard to employment in the region.

In addition to Rose Hall gaining township status, he said the people are also celebrating the 57 pioneers who saved their money and bought the piece of land some 174 years ago “so that their children and grandchildren won’t have to go back into slavery and poverty.”

Granger urged those in the large crowd gathered to never forget the sacrifices of their fore-parents. The president then went on to pledge his support towards Region Six and the town so as to assist them in achieving their full potential.

Part of the crowd at the event
Part of the crowd at the event

Rose Hall Mayor Vijai Ramoo, during a brief speech, assured residents that come next year an even bigger celebration will be held to pay homage to the town. He also promised a more convenient tarmac in the town for celebrations of such a nature. He stated that the town has come a far way and pledged to work towards taking it even further.

Regional Chairman Armogan, during his brief speech, urged the people of the town to pay attention to the garbage situation during the celebration. He charged them to desist from littering the area so as to have a clean town throughout the celebrations and beyond.

Meanwhile, the grand parade and march pass saw over 1,000 participants, inclusive of students and citizens of Rose Hall town along with members of the civil society and the disciplined forces.

Students from Rose Hall, who excelled at the National Grade Six Examination, the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exams and the University of Guyana along with the oldest person of the town were honoured during the launch.

The event also saw the screening of a documentary showcasing the town and its history and the unveiling of a poster aimed at promoting the township. The celebrations, which are being spearheaded by the Rose Hall Town Youths and Sports Club, will conclude on September 25.

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