Canal No.2 residents want deplorable road addressed

A section of the road that requires careful navigation.

Residents of Canal #2, West Bank Demerara are pleading with the authorities to repair their main road which they say has been in a deplorable condition and has been getting worse.

When Stabroek News visited the road yesterday, which is approximately four miles long, it was pockmarked with cracks and small potholes for the first half. Coming up to the second half of the road, the potholes grew larger and appeared more frequent which forced drivers to slow down in order to safely navigate the road.

“I am not living here too long but as far as I can remember this road has been like this and it only keeps getting worse as time goes by,” James (only name given), a resident, explained to Stabroek News yesterday. The man said that the poor condition of the road damages vehicles and often requires a driver to slow down to a crawl.

“The road long so let’s say you living in the back and you gotto reach the front is valuable time you losing cause you gotto slow down because you ain’t want to drop in them big, big holes,” the man pointed out. He explained that persons who are unaware of the condition of the road are often surprised by the holes and sometimes suffer blowouts.

“When them man don’t know the road and its many potholes and they come speeding through is in them holes they does fall. I remember one time somebody come in the area for the first time and he speeding through and drop in the hole, get a blowout and lose control and fly overboard,” the man said, pointing out that motorcycles and pedal cycles often have a problem with the road.

Another driver, Ramesh Sookhoo, explained to Stabroek News that he would often have to drive on the wrong lane in order to avoid the potholes. “Nobody wants to drive dey car in the holes and nobody wants to drive slow, slow on the road. So people does just go on the side that got less,” the man related.

The drivers stated that the authorities need to address the condition of the road soon since at nights because the area is not properly lit, the road becomes dangerous as cars are always swerving from potholes.

“They need to fix it. It’s about time. People always getting punctures and damaging dey shocks and all sorts of things,” the man related.

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