Man blames ‘financial frustration’ for theft of phone

An East Ruimveldt man was yesterday fined after he admitted to stealing a man’s phone because he was financially frustrated.

Devon Baptiste, 24, appeared before city magistrate Fabayo Azore on a charge that he stole a Samsung S5, valued at $110,000 and which was the property of Sanjay Ramdayal, on September 17 in Georgetown.

 Devon Baptiste
Devon Baptiste

Baptiste pleaded guilty to the charge.

When asked his reason for stealing the phone, Baptiste stated that he has been unable to acquire work for some time and when he saw the phone his financial frustration caused him to take it.

The defendant was previously charged with armed robbery.

It was stated that the complainant’s phone was recovered and is in the custody of the police.

Prior to giving her ruling, Magistrate Azore stated that she took into consideration Baptiste’s age and the fact that the phone was recovered.

Baptiste was then fined $50,000 with an alternative of a month-long jail sentence.

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