Teen murder accused attempts to break out of NA prison

Jairam Chaitram, 18, one of the four persons charged with the murders of three persons, including a teenage boy at Mibicuri, attempted to break out of the New Amsterdam Prison on Tuesday.

According to a police source, around 11pm the guard on duty noticed someone walking on the roof and raised an alarm. Upon checking, the prison officers discovered that the zinc in Chaitram’s cell was partially removed as were two boards.

 Jairam Chaitram
Jairam Chaitram

Chaitram was recaptured in the facility and he along with his three cellmates were moved to another location.

Stabroek News was told that it was not the first time that Chaitram had attempted to escape from prison. In the past, he had attempted to escape with two men, however, he was unsuccessful.

Chaitram along with his father, Carlton Chaitram, and Tameshwar Jagmohan and Rakesh Karramchan are charged with murdering three persons between July 21 and July 22, at Kokerite Savannah, Mibicuri.

The deceased, Pawan Chandradeo, Naresh Rooplall and 15-year-old Jaikarran Chandradeo, were on a fishing expedition when they met their demise.

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