Mother fined $100,000 for abandoning baby on road

Jewel Coats, the woman who admitted to dumping her baby on a city street because she did not want the child anymore, was yesterday fined $100,000 after she was found guilty of child endangerment.

The charge against Coats, 35, stated that on September 20, at West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, she willfully endangered the child in contravention of the Protection of Children Act.

Magistrate Faith McGusty found Coats guilty yesterday after hearing testimony from witnesses, including the father of the child and the woman’s neighbour, who had witnessed the woman dumping the child.

Jewel Coats
Jewel Coats

Both witnesses yesterday said Coats had a terrible habit of drinking and taking the child with her into the rum shop when she did so.

Her neighbour testified that she saw Coats grab the baby by the head and the tail of the blanket and throw her behind a bus as one would throw out garbage.

When called upon to lead her defence yesterday, Coats opted to remain silent.

Based on evidence led by Police Prosecutor Seon Blackman, Magistrate McGusty stated that there was sufficient evidence against her and found her guilty of the offence.

Coats, who had been in fits of laughter as the witnesses testified against her, began to cry after the verdict was announced and asked the magistrate to “please see with me.”

Magistrate McGusty told the defendant that she observed her actions when she first appeared in court and how she kept referring to the child as a thing. She subsequently fined her $100,000 with an alternative of three months in jail if she cannot pay it.

Coats was charged after the neighbour had reported that she saw her throw her baby onto the road and walk away. The woman added that at the same time a dog, which was on the road, began to pull on the blanket the child was wrapped in, which caused the mother to turn back, pick up the baby and run away.

The woman continued to follow Coats and saw her once again throw the child onto the road. This time, she walked away and left the baby.

Coats had previously said that she abandoned the child because she did not want her anymore.

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