East Bank Berbice road work to start before month end – Armogan

Work is expected to commence on the East Bank Berbice main access road before month end  according to Region Six Chair-man David Armogan.

In an interview with Stabroek News yesterday, the chairman divulged that the awarding of the project has been narrowed down to two contractors. According to Armogan, once the contract is awarded to one of the contractors work will commence immediately. “As you know months ago the IDB had passed about US$8 million to spend on that road; the contract had been advertised and I understand it has been narrowed down to two contractors. The person who has to do the road has to be selected on the basis of an agreement between IDB [the Inter-American Development Bank] and the Minis-try of Public Infra-structure, representing the government,” he said.

A section of the damaged road
A section of the damaged road

However, he stated that to his knowledge “There is something that has to be resolved between the government and IDB, so very shortly I’m told the contract will be awarded. They are trying to iron it out. The matter should be resolved before the end of next week.”

He commended residents who have been experiencing tremendous difficulty when accessing the road but who have been patient with the region and the government. “I know the condition of the road is very bad, in fact I have never seen it as bad as that. Even when the road is in such a bad condition that’s the best behaviour I’ve ever seen from the people in the area. I congratulate them for their patience and I ask them to remain patient for another of couple of weeks,” Armogan said.

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