Freddie Kissoon matter adjourned until Oct 12

Magistrate Judy Latchman on Tuesday adjourned the trial of the men charged with dousing columnist Freddie Kissoon with human faeces, to allow the new prosecutor in the matter, time to familiarize himself with statements in the case.

Shawn Hinds
Shawn Hinds
 Jason Abdulla (left)  and Kwame McCoy
Jason Abdulla (left) and Kwame McCoy

The recommencement of the trial involving PPP members Kwame McCoy, 40, and Jason Abdulla, 34, and former bodyguard Shawn Hinds, 51, who are charged with assaulting Kissoon, a newspaper columnist and activist, whom they are accused of dousing with human faeces during an attack in 2010, was adjourned to October 12.

The decision was taken by Magistrate Latchman, in order to facilitate Police Prosecutor Vishnu Hunte who asked for the adjournment, so he could familiarise himself with the statements of a witness, Terry Joseph who was to be called upon to testify. Hunte is replacing Police Prosecutor Kerry Bostwick.

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