Fire in former Salt and Pepper building put out by neighbours

A fire which began last evening in Ridley’s Restaurant located on Robb Street was quickly extinguished by neighbours.

Quick action on the part of neighbours prevented disaster after a fire was observed yesterday in the former Salt and Pepper building on Robb Street which is to house Ridley’s Restaurant.

Keith Smith of Eagle’s Restaurant and Bar told Stabroek News that he and other neighbours heard an explosion around 6:30 pm and observed a yellow ball of fire in the building.

“I hear the explosion and I call the fire service; we ain’t getting through to them so we throw a hammer through the window and go inside. When we get in we see a whole set of fire right in front the door and we just out it cause we can’t afford to have no fire catching here.

All these buildings too close. Is a good thing it happen now and not when we de sleeping,” he said.

About half an hour after the fire was first observed two fire engines arrived. The firefighters were forced to cut the lock on the aluminum security shutter and use an electric saw to gain entrance into the building.

On entering the building it was observed that a garbage receptacle had apparently caught fire. The quick actions of the neighbours however led to minimal damage.

The building which is owned by Eric Nicholas is being rented by Wayne Ridley. Ridley is presently renovating the building to house a restaurant which had been scheduled to open in a month.

The building previously housed Salt and Pepper which had been a popular restaurant for many years.


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