Safeway Security owner demands apology from KN

Eon Caesar, the owner of Safeway Security has demanded an apology from Kaieteur News over a report in its edition today.

Caesar is also the President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GM&SA).

A statement issued through the GM&SA follows:

I, EON CAESAR, the owner of SAFEWAY SECURITY, In the following points I will list the inaccuracies of the article published by Kaieteur News in Saturday October 15th, 2016 Edition on Page 3.

  1. I DO NOT own or have any affiliation with the company Safewatch Inc.
  2. I have never conducted business or have any business affiliations with Mr. Bobby Gossai Jr.
  3. I have never been awarded any contracts or done any work relation to the Guyana Gold Board.
  4. My company SAFEWAY SECURITY, is a duly registered business with all the proper documentations inclusive of registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) with the Guyana Revenue Authority.
  5. All our VAT and tax information are currently up to date and can be verified by the Guyana Revenue Authority.

The article published by Kaieteur News has no factual basis and the information provided about me was complete and utter falsehood! The writer of the article obviously never did any research, because had he or she done their due diligence they would have been aware of the facts and never link my company or myself to such a libelous article.

Eon Caesar
Eon Caesar

My character and that of my company has been put into disrepute by this unprofessional journalistic article. I therefore DEMAND a full retraction of the said article linking my company and myself to Bobby Gossai Jr and the Guyana Gold Board and Safewatch Inc.

I also DEMAND a full apology from the Editor of Kaieteur News in the form of a full page article with my photo and the current and true facts of SAFEWAY SECURITY and its NON affiliation to Bobby Gossai Jr, Guyana Gold Board and Safewatch Inc.

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