Essequibo man sentenced to seven years for killing fisherman

An Essequibo man was yesterday sentenced to seven years in jail for the almost year-old killing of a fisherman just off the coast of Lichfield Village, West Coast Berbice.

Gregory Nohar
Gregory Nohar
Ronald Emmanuel
Ronald Emmanuel Reid

Gregory Nohar, 41, of Paradise, Essequibo Coast, was sentenced by Justice William Ramlal at the High Court in Berbice after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of Ronald Emmanuel Reid, known as ‘Manny,’ of Lot 25 Castello Housing Scheme, Georgetown, on October 6, 2015.

Nohar had two defences—provocation and self-defence. Nohar, at the time, confessed to inflicting a single fatal stab wound on Reid. According to Nohar, Reid provoked him days before the attack. He also claimed to have come to his brother’s rescue. Nohar’s older brother was the person who held Reid down while Nohar dealt him the fatal stab wound. The altercation was a result of an argument between the men.

Prosecutor Stacy Goodings represented the state during the proceedings.

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