T&T ends search for missing fishers

After more than two weeks, the Trinidadian authorities have ceased their search for two missing Guyanese fishermen.

Missing at sea are Samuel Dabideen, 43, and his son Arjohn Persaud, 23. The two men along with Omadat Basdeo and Mahesh Singh had embarked on the fishing trip on September 27 on a vessel owned by another person and on October 2, the owner of the boat contacted Dabideen’s family to say he and his son were missing at sea.

According to Dabideen’s wife, Theresa Persaud, the Trinidad and Tobago government has called off their search and the owner of the vessel, Indardeo Wilfred, is currently in Barbados seeking assistance.

Samuel Dabideen
Samuel Dabideen
Arjohn Persaud
Arjohn Persaud

“He’s there and he’s trying to get the coast guards from there to help because we still believe that they are alive somewhere. He’s checking for information if anyone might have seen the boat or anything of the sort,” the woman stated.

She explained that while the family is still depressed and sad, they still remain hopeful that the two men might still be alive.

“We are hoping that they can be found soon and returned home,” she said, stating that she is pleading with all of the authorities to keep searching.

While the men were on a large vessel, Dabideen, Persaud and Basdeo had boarded a smaller boat, leaving Singh behind. Several hours later, the boat reportedly capsized and the men were stranded at sea.

While Dabideen and Persaud are still missing, Basdeo said he swam to the Trinidad shore and was flown back to Guyana.

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