Bartica man gets four years, $16.8M fine for 30lbs of ganja

Troy Van Doimen, who police caught with over 30 pounds of marijuana at his Bartica home, did not waste the court’s time yesterday; when he stood before a city magistrate, he pleaded guilty to a trafficking charge, for which he was sentenced to four years in jail.

Van Doimen, 46, of Lot 51 Fifth Avenue, Bartica, was also fined $16.8 million, three times the value of the narcotics, after he admitted to having 14.61 kilogrammes of cannabis in his possession for trafficking.

The charge, which was read to the man by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, stated that the drugs were found in his possession at his home on Saturday.

Troy Van Doimen
Troy Van Doimen
The drugs that were found. (Guyana Police Force photo)
The drugs that were found. (Guyana Police Force photo)

Police had said that Van Doimen, who was on their radar for a while, was arrested with the drugs after ranks swooped down on his home and conducted a search, during which several taped parcels and small packets of cannabis were found hidden under a sofa.

Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers told the court yesterday that the police found a bag under the chair that contained the drugs. He said the cannabis was brought to the attention of the accused, who later admitted to the police, under caution, that the drugs were his.

Van Doimen told the court that the drugs were his and that someone gave it to him. He also said he pleaded guilty so as not to waste the court’s time on the matter. “Your worship, I am a seaman. I just want to plead guilty so I can get back to work. I am begging for leniency, since I ain’t waste your time,” Van Doimen told the court.

The Chief Magistrate subsequently sentenced and fined Van Doimen $16,873.200, while telling him that she had taken into account the fact that he did not waste the court’s time.

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