Greenwich Park woman died 44 days after brutally stabbed by ex-partner

A Greenwich Park, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) mother of three who was stabbed several times about her body in a violent attack by her former partner, lost her battle for life 44 days later.

Bibi Shareema, 26, bled profusely from her injuries which included punctured lungs and open wounds to her wrist and elbow; her intestines were also protruding.

She underwent three surgeries at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) but her condition never improved.

Her mother Bibi Shameela, who was also badly stabbed during the attack, said her daughter was placed on a life support machine in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

All Shareema ever did was open her eyes and that had given Shameela hope that her daughter might pull through.

Bibi Shareema (left) and her mother Bibi Shameela in  happier times
Bibi Shareema (left) and her mother Bibi Shameela in
happier times

But she was devastated when she received a call from the GPH around 6 am on September 15 asking her to go to the hospital urgently.

Immediately, she said, she knew that her daughter had died. When she got to the hospital, Shareema’s body was wrapped in a sheet on the bed.

A post-mortem examination was performed and it proved that she died as a result of pneumonia and septic lungs.

Their attacker, Bhawanie Harrinarine, known as ‘Moon,’ a fisherman of Parika, EBE, consumed a poisonous substance and died a few days later at the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

Shameela was also a patient at that hospital where she underwent surgery. She had sustained three stab wounds to her left hand, one under her left breast and to other parts of her body.

Her husband, Mohamed Ibrahim, a watchman at the nearby Ruby village, had told Stabroek News that he was at work on Wednesday, August 3, around 10.40 pm when his 15-year-old daughter called him crying frantically and told him “mommy and Reema bleeding to death.”

He did not understand what she meant and called her back and she explained what had happened. He could also hear his wife and daughter screaming in pain.

He left his workplace immediately but called out on other relatives for help, saying “something serious happen at home.”

His son-in-law broke the gate to enter the yard and they took them to the hospital.

Ibrahim said the man must have jumped into the yard and entered the house by removing three louvre panes from a window in the kitchen.

He then ran up the stairs and went into the bedroom where Shereema was sleeping with her three children, ages, 2, 4 and 6 and attacked her.

Her mother heard her screaming and ran to her assistance and the man, who was dressed only in shorts, attacked her as well and escaped. Police later found his slippers, cap and a half-bottle of rum in the yard.

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