Black Bush family pleads for help following fire

The ruined house

A man, his wife and their three children are in need of help after a fire of unknown origin gutted their home in Lesbeholden, Black Bush Polder.

Roopchand Hemraj, 30 and Devi Hemraj, 23, of Lot 75 Lesbeholden North, Black Bush Polder told Stabroek News that it was two Sundays ago, when they lost their place of residence, along with all their belongings to a blaze.

Anyone desirous of assisting the Hemraj family can make contact with them on 687-0498, or 653-6523. The couple stressed that they would be grateful for any donation.

According to the Hemrajs, they were not at home at the time of the fire but neighbours telephoned them around 11:00 am, after they had put out the fire. The couple noted that the fire service never responded, although calls were made to the service by residents of the area.

Roopchand Hemraj, a labourer said, “When me come in front, them boys tell me how me house take fire, me tell them nah, how me house go take fire, be time that me take me motorbike, and me ride come”. He then explained his reaction upon seeing his house in smoke, “When me come, neighbour them out am already, but it been a still a smoke, me start cry, me couldn’t ah do nothing more”.

Devi Hemraj, a housewife stated that she had all the necessary household items. She recalled that she had furnished her house, “lil bit by lil bit,” however, she could have afforded it, over the years. Hemraj said, “Abie nah left with nothing, me had all thing, me had freezer, bed, gas stove, TV, dvd, tablet, wardrobe, and all abie clothes burn up. Right now, what lil bit clothes people help abie with, we get it in salt bag.”

Hemraj estimated her total losses at $800,000.

The couple is currently staying with a relative in the same village. They have three children, ages, nine, one, and three months. The distraught family is pleading with the public, and the relevant authorities for any sort of assistance.

“Me nah gon refuse nothing, wah ever people give me, me gon take, if people want help me with one lil bed, clothes or ration…me nah get no way to go, and me pickney them nah get nothing,” Hemraj said.

The woman explained that a few relatives have assisted her eldest son with school clothing so that he would not miss school.

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