Man gets two years for $17M robbery

-following four-year sentence for stolen gun, ammo possession

Charged in July 2015 with committing a $17 million burglary, after a gun allegedly found in his possession was linked to the stolen booty, Nabadamingi Gobin was yesterday sentenced to two years for the offence.

Nabadamingi Gobin
Nabadamingi Gobin

The charge against Gobin stated that between July 2, and July 4, 2015, at Relief, he broke and entered the dwelling house of James Samuels. It is alleged that he stole a quantity of articles, including several guns and various rounds of live ammunition, a quantity of gold and diamonds, two metal safes, a flat screen television, several bottles of foreign liquor, and US$40,000, amounting to a grand total of $17, 280,000.

Gobin appeared before Magistrate Leron Daly, who at the closure of his trial, stated that the defendant was found guilty of the offence based on evidence led by the prosecution through its various witnesses.

The defendant was then sentenced to two years imprisonment for the offence.

During the month of April, Gobin was found guilty of having in his possession a Glock pistol, along with thirteen matching rounds, which was found to have been stolen from Samuel.

He was sentenced to four years imprisonment for that offence by Magistrate Judy Latchman.

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