Police Mounted Branch launched in Mibicuri

The Guyana Police Force on Monday launched its Mounted Branch in Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder, Corentyne.

The Police Mounted Branch  at Mibicuri
The Police Mounted Branch at Mibicuri

The unit was launched with four trained ranks and four horses and will work out of the Mibicuri Police Station. Although the four animals, Touchdown, Rainbow, Colleen and Rosy will remain in the district, the ranks will change every six weeks.

Acting Commander of B Division, Kevin Adonis told Stabroek News that the mounted branch was brought to Berbice so as to better equip ranks to respond to crimes in the backlands where some parts may not be accessible by vehicle.

The Commander pointed out that about two weeks ago residents on horses assisted the police in capturing a murder suspect who was hiding out in the backlands.

“Because of that we decided to speed up the operation to have our own horses…This was always on the cards to bring mounted here”, Adonis noted.



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