Belvedere man decapitates woman, arrested

A mentally-challenged man is currently in custody, following the discovery of the decapitated body of his neighbour in her Belvedere Village home.

Dead is Bhumatie Delall, 53, also known as ‘Mommy Goal’ of Lot 351 Squatting Area, Belvedere, Corentyne, Berbice. The police have since arrested Jainarine Balgobin, 39, who lives opposite her with his mother.

Neighbours told Stabroek News, that the man, who was armed with a cutlass first went to Delall’s house and “cuss her up”.

He then left and proceeded to a shop in the street, threatening neighbours on the way and then threatening the shop owner when he got there as well.

After spending a few minutes at the shop, the suspect left and returned to Delall’s yard and finding her in the yard, standing near to a wheelbarrow, he rushed in and fired two chops. Delall’s head was severed and she died instantly.

According to an eyewitness, Delall’s two-year-old grandson who was in the house, ran out at the same time and witnessed his grandmother being murdered. However, the suspect’s brother, who lives next door to Delall immediately ran over and grabbed the little boy, rescuing him from being harmed.

The suspect was then seen returning home, from where he was subsequently arrested by investigators, to whom he handed over the alleged murder weapon.

When Stabroek News, visited the scene, investigators were in the process of covering the woman’s body to remove it. Villagers flocked the road consoling the woman’s two grieving daughters.

Beenmatie Nandram, one of Delall’s daughters said, “Somebody call me and say that let me come now now but them na tell me what happen. Then me call this neighbour and she tell me Payo chop out mommy neck.”

Jainarine Balgobin, the man who has been held over the attack.
Jainarine Balgobin, the man who has been held over the attack.

According to the distraught daughter, her mother had informed her on Tuesday that the suspect had entered her yard and assaulted her. “Yesterday mommy tell me say he brace she up pon a wall and he [touched her suggestively] and he mother had to come pull him away,” Nandram said.

She related that she has known the accused for a long time and that he often misbehaves with his relatives. “He does play bad a house and he beat he mother and so, mommy [Delall would] go over and part [them] steady,” she added.

Meanwhile, according to a police source, Balgobin, a labourer at the Albion Estate was only released from police custody on Tuesday.

The source said Balgobin had been held on a simple larceny charge, after he was accused of stealing some money from his brother-in-law.

However, on Tuesday morning his brother-in-law visited the station and made a statement that his money was returned to him and asked that the matter be dropped, resulting in Balgobin being released.

Delall leaves to mourn her two daughters and five grandchildren. She is remembered as a helpful, caring woman. Her body is currently at the New Amsterdam Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination.

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