Alness 89-year-old seeking help after house collapses

A pensioner whose home collapsed with her, her pregnant granddaughter and two great grandchildren early Sunday morning is now seeking assistance from the public in order to rebuild her home.

89-year-old Gladys Fraser of Lot 131 Third Street, Alness Village, Corentyne yesterday told Stabroek News that around 06:00 am Sunday, she heard a loud noise after which her home collapsed. She noted that there was no heavy wind at the time.

“Me been a get up and me hear tuku, tuku, tuku, braps”, she said. Fraser explained that the posts holding up the one-bedroom wooden house apparently “spread” causing the home to cave in.

“Me start holler out and tell them to go in to the drawing room not knowing that the drawing room a fall down too”, Fraser lamented. She stated that she thought her ten-year-old great grandson

Gladys Fraser
Gladys Fraser
The rubble from the collapsed home
The rubble from the collapsed home

was seriously injured as the wardrobe along with other items almost fell on them. She said that her granddaughter who is three months pregnant suffered some minor injuries to her back. Fraser was led out of the house by a  neighbour, while other neighbours broke the window and rescued her granddaughter and great grandchildren.

She explained that she was living at another location after which she decided to move the house into her daughter’s yard several years ago. The items that were salvaged are being kept in the open bottom house of Fraser’s daughter’s home.

“Me grandson had to break out the one side wall to take them things out”, she pointed out. Fraser shed tears in distress as she explained that even though she is staying with her grandson,  “You own home is you own home”.

The woman is pleading with the relevant authorities and the general public for assistance. She noted that manual labour is  welcome in getting her house back together. Anyone desirous of making a donation can contact 675-2038 or 674-3532.


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