TT man to face additional charge over hotel debt

Trinidadian national Anthony Nestor, accused of incurring over $300,000 in debts at two different hotels by false pretence, is set to face another charge for the same offence.

Nestor was earlier this month charged with incurring a debt of $260,824 at Brandsville Hotel by falsely pretending that he had a valid credit card to pay. He was also accused of committing a similar offence at the Opus Hotel, where he incurred a debt of $66,898.

When the matters were called yesterday before city magistrate Judy Latchman, Nestor’s attorney, Jed Vasconcellos, made a bail request, while stating that his client is not a flight risk and has Guyanese ties.

He further stated that as it relates to the alleged debt incurred at the Brandsville Hotel, his client believes that the amount mentioned in the charge is not correct as he would have only spent seven days.

As it relates to the Opus Hotel, the court heard that the defendant told the receptionist that his luggage was left in Barbados and he was without access to his credit card, which resulted in him being unable to pay the bill.

Police prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves, however, maintained his objection to bail. The prosecutor then stated that the rate at the Brandsville Hotel is US$87 per night and Nestor would have ordered breakfast and dinner, hence the debt. The court heard that when the defendant was told of the debt he had incurred, he said that he was expecting some money from Western Union and would pay the following morning. Nestor, however, checked out of the hotel and never returned.

Gonsalves noted that while at the Opus Hotel Nestor did produce a credit card, but when it was swiped it was found to be invalid. The defendant then left, according to the prosecutor, with the intention of going to the bank to withdraw money to be able to pay but never returned to the hotel.

The prosecution also maintained the objection to bail due to the fact that Nestor is a resident of Trinidad and it is feared that if released he may never return to court.

The prosecution was then made aware by an investigating rank that there is a pending charge for the defendant as it relates to a similar fraud act committed on El Dorado Inn, where he allegedly incurred a sum of $135,000 in debt.

Nestor received several statements from the prosecution and is expected to receive several more at the next hearing, which is fixed for November 25th.

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