Minister of Public Health Dr George Norton was this afternoon referred to the Privileges Committee over inaccurate statements he made in the National Assembly in August with regard to government’s controversial renting of the Sussex Street bond.

A motion brought to the House by PPP Member of Parliament Dr Frank Anthony and seconded by that party’s Chief Whip Gail Teixeira recommended sending the public health minister to the committee based on the several inaccurate statements he made on August 8.

While there were several sounds of “no” from the government side, as the motion was read, Speaker Dr Barton Scotland ruled that a prima facie case was made out and that the matter would be referred for the attention of the committee.

Seconds after the ruling Attorney General Basil Williams attempted to interject on the issue but he was stopped by the Speaker who indicated that the matter was ruled on and he would not entertain any statements “at this time.”

Norton has been under fire for the statements he made about the renting of the bond from businessman Larry Singh. He was investigated by a Cabinet sub-committee which later recommended that he apologise to the House for the untruthful statements he made. He has since done so.

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