Road rage brawl on East Bank leaves two injured

A brawl between the occupants of a car and a minibus over a broken side view mirror last night left two men injured and worrying over the fate of a friend who they said was left behind in the melee as they fled for safety.

A female occupant of the minibus related the incident to Stabroek News, as she was waiting on others in the bus to be treated at the Diamond Hospital for the injuries sustained.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said that as they were heading to the city in the minibus a car overtook them at Friendship, knocking off the side view mirror of the minibus and turned left into a cross street at Friendship.

The driver of the bus  turned it around  to confront the driver of the car after noticing the bus mirror had been knocked off.

When the bus caught up with the car parked in the street that it had turned into, its driver and two occupants came out and as they approached the car an argument ensued.

It was during the argument that fists were thrown and a brawl started with the driver of the bus shouting during the fracas that the two other men should retreat to the bus as he too sprinted back to his vehicle.

Other males from Friendship came out and chased the bus as it drove away.

Stabroek News was told that one of the men identified as Ryan (only name given), of Grove/Diamond Housing Scheme, EBD, was left behind but it was only after the bus had sped away from the scene of the fight that the occupants realized this.

The two injured in the brawl have been identified as Anthony Allen of Dairy, West Bank Demerara and Chris Allen of Better Hope, East Coast Demerara. They were taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where they were treated and sent away.

The woman explained that Chris suffered several wounds since he was cornered in the bus as the men attacked them with cutlasses and broken bottles. Anthony, she said, suffered a blow to his head.

Anthony, told Stabroek News from the hospital, that he ran out to the East Bank Public Road screaming and was rescued by another passing bus.

However, when the bus  that rescued him returned to the scene, he said that  he did not see anyone so he directed the driver to the Guyoil Gas Station, also at Friendship to pick up his children and wife, who had stopped off there.

They then drove to the Grove Police Station where a report was made and police escorted them back to the scene. Ryan still was not found and thus they were taken to the Diamond Hospital for medical attention.

They are asking the public if anyone has any information about the incident or knowledge of Ryan’s whereabouts to contact the nearest police station.

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