PPP concerned over non-placement of Cuba-trained doctors

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) yesterday voiced its concern that nearly 100 Cuba-trained doctors are still awaiting placement although they have completed their compulsory one-year internship and there is a prevailing shortage of medical staff countrywide.

At a press conference at Freedom House yesterday, General Secretary of the PPP Clement Rohee also stated that the situation is “in spite of a contractual agreement which binds the Cuban trained doctors to five years of public service….”

“This unpleasant, insecure situation has been going on for about one year now,” he added. “Since November, 2015, the doctors have been complaining that they were being pushed around by the Ministry of Public Health.”

He said too that “the doctors have received vague responses to their queries as regards registration and placement” and he charged that the situation is a reflection of the level of “incompetence and mal-administration” of the APNU+AFC administration.

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