Senior cop granted $300,000 bail over Vreed-en-Hoop fatal crash

Assistant Superintendent of Police Jermaine Grant was yesterday released on $300,000 bail after he denied causing the death of Vreed-en-Hoop resident Anmanie Deonarine more than a month ago.

It is alleged on October 4, at Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara (WCD), Grant, 28, of Fort Street, Kingston, Georgetown drove motor car PRR 4446 in a manner dangerous to the public, thereby causing the death of 65-year-old Deonarine.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge which was read to him by Magistrate Clive Nurse when he appeared in the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrate’s Court and was placed on $300,000 bail.

He was also ordered to lodge his passport and the matter was adjourned to December 16.

Just after midday on October 4, Deonarine called ‘Mangala,’ a mother of three of Lot 144 New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara was walking along the public road when she was hit down by motor car, PRR 4446 which was driven by Grant. She was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where she succumbed while receiving medical treatment.

Anmanie Deonarine
Anmanie Deonarine

The police officer was relieved of his duties following the incident.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Deonarine died as result of multiple injuries sustained.

The Guyana Police Force in a press release had said that the investigation was being conducted by Traffic Chief Dion Moore who began by administering a breathalyzer test on the officer, but no trace of blood alcohol was recorded.

The dead woman’s daughter, Nadia Deonarine had told this newspaper that based on what she was told, her mother was at the corner of the road when she was hit by the car.

As a result of the impact, she was pitched several feet away before landing on a concrete bridge.

Nadia explained that she was at work when she received several calls from neighbours and relatives informing her of the incident.

According to her, the last call she received was from her husband who told her that she should leave immediately for the hospital and she had gone and spoken to her mother, not knowing she was already dead.

She had explained that the incident was witnessed by someone who had known her mother for several years and who related to her that the car was speeding.


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