Lodge man refused bail on ganja trafficking charge

A Lodge resident is now behind bars after being charged with possession of over 200 grammes of cannabis for trafficking.

Kester Abel, 38, of 59 Norton Street, Lodge, on Monday pleaded not guilty to a charge which stated that on November 20, at 111 Miles Mahdia, Potaro, he had in his possession 227 grammes of cannabis for trafficking.

Abel’s lawyer, George Thomas, told the court that on the day in question, his client was standing a short distance away from a shop in Mahdia that was broken into and searched by the police. He said the cannabis was found in the shop but Abel was arrested because he was nearby.

Thomas told the court that his client has no relations with the shop owner nor was the cannabis found in the shop his. He said his client has denied having any knowledge of the narcotics to the police. Thomas begged the chief magistrate for reasonable bail for his client.

However, Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers told the court that his account of the discovery differed from that of the attorney’s. Jeffers said that the accused was found by the police with a black bag containing the narcotics. The prosecutor objected to bail, while noting that the lawyer did not provide any special reason for Abel to be granted his release.

The chief magistrate refused bail for Abel and the case was adjourned until January 17, when it will be called again at the Mahdia Magistrate’s Court.

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