Novar Beach Day of Activities

A Day of Activities will be hosted at Novar Beach on November 27, 2016.

According to a press release from the West Berbice Chamber of Industry of Commerce, the event is being held to promote Novar Beach as a tourist destination. The activity will also commemorate the rebranding of the Chamber from the West Berbice Chamber to the Region 5 Chamber. Some of the activities expected are beach cricket, jet ski racing, and local made boat racing, the release stated.

The beach activities commence at 12:00 hrs and close at 18:00 hrs. Then the beach party will head to Park Square Funcity at Hercules Gas Station Mahaicony, the release said.

The event is sponsored by Banks DIH and ANSA McAl with support from the West Berbice Chamber of Commerce.

The public is invited to join the experience. Admission is free.

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