Man shot at Mandela Ave bar after altercation

A regular weekend hangout at the popular Wings and Things Bar on Mandela Avenue on Sunday morning, halted with the shooting of one of the area’s residents, following an altercation between him and another patron.

The shooting occurred around 2am.

There are so far conflicting reports surrounding the origin of the fight that led to the shooting, but a police report stated that the argument resulted after the victim, 48-year-old Martin Bovell, known as John Corbie, rested his beer bottle on the suspect’s trunk.

It was stated that investigations further revealed that after the two would have argued, the owner of the car went in to the bar, where he was followed by Bovell, who it was claimed discharged a round from a handgun.

In retaliation, the suspect then reportedly drew his handgun, discharging three rounds at Bovell, hitting him in the chest and abdomen.

According to Bovell’s mother, however, who wished not to be named, the fight began not due to the placement of a beer bottle, but after ketchup spilled on the man’s car.

“After the ketchup fall on the man car, instead of he come quietly and talk to he, he come cussing and going on, and heated argument, and he pull out a gun and let the man have it,” the woman related, adding, “the story is a very simple matter and I’m happy that my son is still alive.”

The woman denied claims that her son had been armed at the time, but according to the police statement, four spent shells were recovered at the scene. The suspect, whose firearm has been lodged, has been taken into custody to assist with ongoing investigations.

Bovell was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, but was later discharged and taken to another institution. He is in stable condition.

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