PNCR mourns passing of Fidel Castro

The People’s National Congress Reform says it is deeply saddened at the passing of Fidel Castro, the former President of Cuba.

“Fidel was a great friend of Guyana, the PNC and our Founder Leader, Forbes Burnham”, the party, a member of the governing coalition, said.

It added: “The PNC has always enjoyed cordial and fraternal relations with Fidel Castro – El Commandante and the Cuban people. In 1972, the PNC led government of Guyana established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba. In April 1975, at the invitation of Prime Minister Castro, Prime Minister Burnham visited Cuba and was awarded the Jose Marti National Order, Cuba’s highest honour. In August 1973, Fidel Castro visited Guyana and received a warm welcome by the Guyanese people.  Prime Minister Burnham and Castro traveled together to the 1975 Non- Aligned meeting of Heads of Governments held in Algiers”.

Describing Castro as one of the great revolutionary leaders of the Twentieth Century, the PNCR said that he was loved and respected by the Cuban people. It added that Guyana has “benefitted immensely from Fidel’s and Cuba’s generosity and the mutual cooperation between our two nations”.

The PNCR said that Castro will remain an “iconic figure and symbol of revolutionary commitment, national dignity and unyielding patriotism”.

Castro passed away on Friday at age 90.

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