Private sector complains over city’s lack of interest in tripartite dialogue

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has accused the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of a lack of commitment to the tripartite committee that was set up to deal with the development of the city, including revenue generation.

In a letter written to Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan on November 24, 2016, PSC Chairman Edward Boyer complained that the M&CC’s lack of commitment was evidenced by its representatives’ absence and requests for postponements of meetings.

The tripartite committee, comprising the M&CC, the business sector and central government, was set up in August and Boyer noted that the PSC agreed to participate to arrive at solutions for revenue generation and sustainable development of the capital.

The PSC, the letter said, hopes that the situation can be reversed so that effective dialogue can be facilitated. “The Private Sector Commission would like to underscore the importance of such dialogue, recommits itself to the process for the betterment of our Capital City and hopes that the M&CC can join us around the table as a meaningful partner,” Boyer added.

The tripartite committee was conceptualized in the aftermath of the criticism by the PSC of the M&CC’s decision to implement a container tax in August without any consultation.

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