Murder suspect among two held with illegal gun at South house

One of the suspects in the gunning down of West Ruimveldt resident Paul Rodney was arrested yesterday by the police.

According to Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, acting on information, the police conducted a search on a house in South Ruimveldt, where the suspect and another individual were held. A thorough search of the house also uncovered an illegal firearm.

A man who was nursing a gunshot wound and a pharmacy employee were also held in connection with the murder last week and they are still in police custody.  Rodney, 31, of Lot 530 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was gunned down last week while he was returning home from a dance in his community.

Paul Rodney
Paul Rodney

He was shot seven times about his body, including once to his chest. He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he died 30 minutes later while receiving medical attention.

The police, in a statement, had said that ranks on a mobile patrol heard several explosions and went to investigate. They came upon a group of men running, during which several more gunshots were fired. Rodney was later seen lying motionless covered in blood.

This newspaper was told that Rodney was shot after he and the suspects were involved in an argument at a dance held at Avocado Avenue, West Ruimveldt, which later led to the fatal altercation. He reportedly attempted to escape, but was pursued and shot. His assailants reportedly made good their escape on a CG motorcycle.




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