$75,000 bail for teenager charged with break and enter

A teenager was yesterday granted bail after being charged with breaking and entering, and stealing over $200,000 in items.

18-year-old Steve Williams was read a charge which stated that between December 25 and 26, he broke and entered the shop of Mildred Small, at Hell Hill, Matthews Ridge, and stole several items including a phone, cologne, underpants and other items all having a total value of $241,760.

The teen pleaded not guilty.

No objection to bail was made by the prosecutor who requested that it should be of a substantial amount.

The court heard that Williams was to be charged alongside his brother Vincent Williams, who, according to the investigating rank, escaped when the police went to arrest the duo.

It was also noted that the items were recovered.

Steve was granted $75,000 bail, and the matter was adjourned to February 7, 2017, when it will be called in the Matthews Ridge Magistrate’s court.

An arrest warrant was then issued by the Chief Magistrate for Vincent Williams.

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