Suspect in UK cricketer’s killing charged

(Trinidad Guardian) One of two suspects detained for the murder of British national Adrian St John was last night charged.

Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard last night gave police the instructions to charge 24-year-old Maldon Pascall with the murder, after he was picked out at an identification parade on Thursday.

Police said Pascall was held Monday after he went to the police station to give a statement and his description matched one of the men who robbed and shot St John to death.

Cpl Glen Payne of the Homicide Bureau Region II laid the charge.

The second suspect, who also went to the police with his attorney “to clear his name,” was arrested on Wednesday.

Police said they are going to expedite their fingerprint analysis to determine whether the second suspect’s prints matched those recovered from the vehicle St John was driving when he was attacked.

Adrian St John
Adrian St John

According to police, around 8.30 pm last Sunday, St John went to Upper Gordon Street, Mt D’Or, to pick up a male relative of two female passengers when he was robbed.

Police said as St John, 22, was leaving the poorly lit area, two men with T-shirts covering their faces approached and robbed the two women and St John of cash and other valuables. They then told St John to drive off. But as he was doing so one of the men fired a single shot, hitting St John in the head.

One of the women steered the vehicle to the Eastern Main Road and flagged down a passing police car. St John was taken to hospital where he died while being treated.

St John was the captain of the Chris Gayle Cricket Academy in London. His killing was reported by several media outlets in the UK.

Gaspard also yesterday gave police the go ahead to charge Kenrick Williams, 29, with the murder of Aaron Ramsaroop.

Ramsaroop, 22, was shot body following an altercation with another man at Acona Road, Maracas, St Joseph, on Sunday.

Both men will appear before a Tunapuna magistrate on Monday.


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