Best friends shot dead in T&T

(Trinidad Guardian) A week before he and his best friend were shot dead, 22-year-old Jakan Lezama told his pregnant girlfriend Crystal Ramsaran that he did not want any other man raising their child. Lezama made Ramsaran promise that in case he died, she would never marry.

Lezama, of Noel Street, Couva, and his best friend Abdiel John, 31, of Capildeo Street, were both shot multiple times about their bodies at Lisas Boulevard, Couva, shortly after 10 pm on Friday. They both died at the Couva District Hospital.

Lezama and John played football together. It is believed that after a football game, the friends went to buy marijuana at a known drug block at June Street, when they were fatally shot. The drug block was run by a retired police officer, a source disclosed.

During an interview yesterday, Ramsaran said she loved Lezama and was looking forward to having their baby. She said Lezama was supposed to start a job at KC Confectionery next week. Saying Lezama was misled by his friends, Ramsaran said she was trying to be strong for her baby.

“They told me that if I cry, I will frustrate the baby so I am trying to hold back my tears,” Ramsaran said as she gazed down at her trembling fingers. She said she met Lezama while watching football at the nearby savannah.

Ramsaran’s mother, Natasha Ramsaran, who owns Tasha’s Bakery in Couva, said Ramsaran and Lezama moved in together in October last year. Wiping away tears, Natasha recalled, “My daughter told me that she was grown up now and I had to let her go. She wanted to move out. She is my only daughter.”

Crystal Ramsaran, girlfriend of murder victim Jakan Lezama (inset).
Crystal Ramsaran, girlfriend of murder victim Jakan Lezama (inset).

Saying Ramsaran grew up too fast, Natasha explained, “She had responsibilities in the shop from young. I am hoping that when my grandchild is born, I will get back my daughter.”

Asked to describe Lezama, Natasha said she did not approve of his friends.

“I never had a quarrel with him. I did not like him being with my daughter because things were moving too fast and I felt they were too young. When they started to live together we rented a place for them and we opened a bakery shop for them,” Natasha added. Now that Lezama was dead, Natasha said they were hoping that Ramsaran would move back home and allow them to help her with caring for the baby.

Meanwhile, one of John’s friends said he too was misled by bad company. He said both John and Lezama limed a lot and used to smoke marijuana. John and his brother Matthew rented a house at Capildeo Street, Couva. A resident from the area who requested anonymity said it was sad that the boys went astray.

“Too many children are falling through the cracks. We need to have stronger institutions to help our young people so they will not go astray,” the resident added

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