Employers who do not remit NIS are stealing from employees

Dear Editor,

Often, we read about employees stealing from employers who are brought before the courts. However, when employers deduct PAYE and NIS from the employees’ wages and salaries and do not remit them to the relevant authorities on or before the required date by law, it is embezzlement or simply stealing employees’ monies.

Employers are fully aware too, that as part of the employment costs, they currently pay 8.4% of the employees’ wages and salaries to NIS on behalf of the employees. It should be noted that the monies are no longer the property of the employer and this is non-negotiable under any circumstances.

Many employees change jobs and some employers just disappear making it difficult to reconcile the disparities so the employee can enjoy the benefits when they are needed most.

An employer stealing from an employee should face a penalty of jail or an extremely heavy fine.

Yours faithfully,

Kamrul Bacchus

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