How a licence plate should be displayed is set out in the law

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to a letter submitted by Mr Harri Persaud Beharry published in the Stabroek News of May 9 (‘Police should allow vinyl number plate digits’).

The gist of the letter revolves around Mr Beharry’s objection of having to paint digits on his licence plate instead of using cut out vinyl digits which can be securely glued to his plate. He pointed out that bubble plastic digits are accepted by the Traffic Department in spite of being easily displaced in an accident with a dog or fowlcock.

Mr Beharry, and for that matter the Traffic Department, need to be aware that the method used to display digits on licence plates is clearly stated in the Laws of Guyana. The Second Schedule of Chapter 51:02 (Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act) shows with diagrams and describes in detail what is the lawful way to display a licence plate.

I can assure your readers that if they took the time to read the above mentioned schedule they would agree that many licence plates approved during inspection for fitness do not conform to the law.

It is obvious from Mr Beharry’s letter that he is not in favour of what is stated in Schedule 2. As such he free to petition for changes to the schedule; however, until it is amended, as a law-abiding citizen he is required to comply.

I would suggest that Schedule 2 be prominently displayed at every location where vehicles are inspected in order to minimize conflict with the public.


Yours faithfully,

Edward Gonsalves

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