Cuba is joining forces with Caricom in a project for persons with disability

Dear Editor,

A joint work which is the result of friendship, solidarity and genuine integration is about to start; this is the creation of a Development Stimulating Centre for Children, Adolescents and Young People with Special Educational Needs Associated with Disabilities.

Who does not have a relative, friend, neighbour or acquaintance, or just the sensitivity and humanity who does not wish to offer the best of themselves in order to contribute to the happiness of a person with a disability? In the world there are hundreds of millions of people with disabilities.

This initiative for disability was presented by Cuba some years ago in the framework of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) regional entity that has defined this issue as a problem  requiring attention and priority in its work.

In this regard, Guyana decided to host the project for the benefit of the 15 countries that make up the regional body. The members of Caricom will join forces for the development of the project and Cuba will provide the technical assistance; it is certainly a special and concrete contribution to the integration of the region.

It is estimated that between 7 and 8% at least of the inhabitants of a country have a disability, so that in Guyana alone there must be tens of thousands. The National Disability Commission that has done an extraordinary job in this regard in conjunction with other government agencies such as the Ministries of Education and Health and various national agencies, have worked up to now with a few thousand (5000 approximately when the figure should exceed 70 000) but have expressed their unwavering determination to reach every person with disabilities in the country. In addition, on the basis of the project which will soon start, they will join with Caricom and Cuba to train professionals capable of transmitting to the disabled people of the region what is necessary for their development, happiness and integration into the society to which they belong.

50 years of independence should serve as an occasion to reflect on what our countries need for their children to be prepared to build a better society for all, without exclusion, making valid the phrase that a better world is possible.

I only speak now on behalf of a people which has had more than five decades of independence and that despite wars of all kinds and the imposition of a relentless blockade that seeks to annihilate it, puts into practice principles in its daily work that have led to success. We share what we have, not give our surplus; and believe in international solidarity and building for everyone, inside and outside the country with love and faith in victory.

May this humane project, on the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Guyana to be held soon, serve to share what we have, validate international solidarity and build with love.


Yours faithfully,

Julio César González


Cuban Ambassador to Guyana

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