Is there any preparation for the series starting June 3?

Dear Editor,

Today is May 13. Australian and South African teams are scheduled to start a series against the West Indies in Guyana on June 3.There is not, to my knowledge, despite daily checks in the media, any information about preparation by the host team for this series, nor any complaints from journalists or Caricom officials about what seems to be an abysmal lack of preparation at this late stage.

Governance is indeed a serious problem in West Indies cricket, but the unwillingness to recognize the vital importance of preparation may be at least as significant a problem, and one that is a good deal easier to solve.

I have already written to the WICB. Someone or organization with clout must get on their backs or the series is guaranteed to be another failure for cricket in the region.

Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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