Not interested in party congress

Dear Editor,

It should be noticed that I rarely write of the now opposition.  If and when I do, it is brief and indirect.  Today I depart.

Although I must recognize the opposition as a substantial political presence, I find more than a few of its public figures to be ethically challenged and personally distasteful.  What was done under the auspices of governance and for the retention of power has injured severely this society.

Thus I could not care less about the party’s congress, if it is going to be held, and who is in the running, or which one would triumph.  This is a group that has to discern the time and place for comprehensive, long-term, and radical rehabilitation.  It is in dire need of spirituality and the integrity that flows from such.  Ideology, tradition, and practice have all had their time.  It was a terrible time for most of the people.  It is now the hour for principled persons and Guyana First groundbreakers and visionaries.  That is the challenge facing these stalwarts.  None trusts the party on the highly urgent issue of national unity.  Can anyone trust, or hope, that it will consent ‒ genuinely and thoroughly so ‒ to partner in this most politically self-sacrificing of issues?  Time, participants, and the people will be the judges.  Separately, and from my perspective only, ex-presidents (even ornamental ones) should not write letters to the media.  It is simply not done.  This is undignified and though a right, best left to others to fulfil.  Last, it was reported that a long-fading party luminary (party only) is mum on presidential aspirations.  I hope that it is more than mum and being coy; that this is an absolute non-starter.  There are countless attributes inimical to any such development at any level.  The man himself furnished two of those.  First, he could not recall anything meaningful during the Inquiry into the Linden killings.  And recently, he confessed to no recollection as to why an inquest was never held in the murder of a political brother.

These were two of the higher profile issues of an era with numerous high profile sagas, and still nothing comes to memory.  This is real bad and speaks volumes.  All things being equal, matters will only get worse four years hence.  I foresee that if asked, “Which planet are you on currently?” that answer might have nothing to do with either geography or astronomy.  Or more tellingly, “Which party do you represent?” could very well result in “the PNC.”  The things that appear clever today, point to this mental flabbiness later.

The aforementioned are only a smattering among the reasons why I leave these lovely folks to themselves, and focus on things more pertinent.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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