From gymnastics to the choir

Dear Editor,

In a few days, the Cooperative Republic of Guyana will be celebrating fifty years of Independence from, Great Britain.

On the night of the 25th May, 1966, my fellow soldiers and I from three Company of the Guyana Defence Force, did a Gymnastic Display (the instructor was Company Sergeant Major Duffus) on the tarmac of the Queen Elizabeth Park (now the National Park), as part of the events which included the lowering of the Union Jack and the hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead, the flag of the newly independent nation of Guyana.

Now, fifty years later, on the night of the 25th May, I will be singing with the premier choir in Guyana, at our nation’s celebration of its Golden Jubilee of Independence, at the Jubilee Stadium, D’Urban Park.

I am not certain if any of those who performed on the night of 25th May, 1966 will be present, or are part of the Jubilee celebrations; if they are not, I will remember them, as I sing with the Woodside Choirs International.

To me, it will indeed be a special honour, being part of that momentous event.

As a member of the Moravian Church, I say this, ‘Great is Our God’.

With regards,

Yours faithfully,

C S Vaughn

Major (r’td)

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