Little Diamond/Herstelling burial ground needs restoration work

Dear Editor

A call is made to the Chairman and Councillors of the newly elected body of the Little Diamond/Herstelling NDC to restore the burial ground where the remains of the village’s departed are entombed or buried. The access road is covered with bush; the access bridge is dilapidated with one rotten beam left standing; and the ground is covered with deep vegetation.

20160526garbage 25Time and time again our NDC has failed us miserably, and unless we take action things will remain the same.

I will never comprehend in a million years why it is we have people who do not care about progress but occupy important offices and stymie progress and development; this is a shame and disgrace. All villagers must come and raise their voices against these callous acts of sabotaging development; even our dead are humiliated by these shameless people.

I trust that councillors will respond to the call and wake from their slumber and work towards community development.

Yours faithfully,

Andre Fortune

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